Electronic Forms

DocuPhase iForms; our electronic forms solution is the final piece to going paperless

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What are Electronic Forms?

As organizations increasingly rely on the web as the primary means of interaction with customers, they are emphasizing the capture and management of information electronically. Easy-to-use, business capable electronic forms and workflows are a critical aspect of this interaction.

Our intelligent forms solution, iForms, is easy to create, easy to use and easy to manage. Using iForms, anyone can offer a rich experience online with dynamic forms, while maintaining existing business requirements. Best of all, iForms uses your existing web browser and requires no programming to develop and deploy powerful, real-world forms.

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Document Management Capture

Simplified Capture of Information

iForms provide the ability to capture information and submit it directly into the system.

  • Integrate with all of your existing systems to automatically push and pull information.
  • Offer a rich experience online with dynamic forms.
  • Easy to use, easy to create and easy to manage.

Easy to Design Dynamic Forms

Our electronic forms technology offers a graphical, 100% browser-based designer, allowing you to quickly design and deploy forms using an intuitive, drag-and drop interface.

  • Group and arrange controls in a variety of ways, via collapsible sections, tabs, or multiple columns.
  • The forms are dynamic and adapt to the information being entered, enabling you to configure conditional sections that display only when required.
  • Users can upload and submit attachments directly with a form.

Easy to Design Electronic Forms

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Electronic Forms and Workflow

Drive Your Business Process

Connect public and internal forms to your people, processes and information.

  • Use forms to automatically kick off workflows and route tasks.
  • Approve, review and track information submitted via the built-in audit trail for tracking submissions.
  • Drive consistency, efficiency, and visibility – and profitability.
  • Use public facing forms to collect information that automatically gets entered into your systems.