Our Services Include

  • Scanning & Microfilming
  • Microfilm to Digital Images
  • Document Services
  • Public Records

Document Scanning Assessment

Learn how to Safeguard your Documents


Digital Imaging

Source Document Scanning

Key Benefits

  • Fast access to the EXACT document and page you are looking for
  • Documents can be shared by your entire office without the fear of losing files or pages
  • File Cabinets full of documents can go on the road with you in the palm of your hand
  • Search for documents from your desk and not down the street in the dark storage unit

Medical files, Police Records, City files, Attorney closed files.

What do all these have in common?

These are but a few of the files that need to be stored for an extended period of time. BUT, do you have the space to do this? The average office doesn't. Who wants to rent more space just to keep paper files in?

Most offices already have several computers just to keep organized. So in most instances the basic computer systems are already in place to start retrieving Digital Images on your desktop. Digital Images of your files can be returned to you on CD-ROMs with self-running viewing and database software.

What if you need your files and you are out on the road, with the aid of a laptop computer, your whole filing room can be in the palm of your hand.